Our mission

We help launch products that help people.

  • Launches from
    the ground up
  • Multiply Your
  • Results first,
    creativity second
  • Holy shit! Who
    did your videos?
  • No snobby
    designers, ever

LaunchMen is a complete, singularly focused unit brought together under the banner of creating and managing the most successful Internet Marketing product launches. We can and do manage every component associated with a launch campaign, including:

  • OFFER CRAFTING and positioning
  • COPYWRITING -- For web, video scripts, and emails
  • LAUNCH VIDEO PRODUCTION -- Including shooting, and editing, PLUS 3D motion graphics and hand drawn frame animation
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN -- Including - branding, packaging, and complete sales funnel web layout
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT -- Entire training and sales funnel
  • CASE STUDY MANAGEMENT – Multiplying your bottom line in ways only the real pros comprehend
  • FACEBOOK CONTESTS -- To generate synthesized buzz word of mouth
  • LIVE WEBCAST PRODUCTION -- The MOST effective way to kick the tail end of a launch in the tail end! Generates extra revenue like you wouldn’t believe

Most traditional agencies focus only on “brand” marketing, which was a fine model…before the Internet. The LaunchMen are doing something completely new… We've learned the ins and outs of building a brand at some of the major agencies and news channels in the world, but as a team we’ve cut our teeth in the trenches of the other two, INTERNET-AMPLIFIED types of marketing; DIRECT MARKETING and WORD OF MOUTH - via synthetically stimulated social media. Every campaign and product launch we’ve been part of has at least doubled or tripled in bottom line effectiveness by our involvement. We know, because we’ve tracked it every step of the way. So rather than guess, you KNOW that your marketing efforts are being multiplied.

What we do helps you generate leads and ultimately drive HUGE sales that you can TRACK. The LaunchMen aren’t in business to sell you. We’re here to sell your stuff.

There’s an old saying when it comes to design… “Form follows function.”

The difference between “graphic art” and “graphic design” is just that.

What gets missed about what the LaunchMen does as a team is the fact that we ALWAYS begin with the end result in mind and work toward that. We are the most creatively oriented group in the Internet Marketing product launch space for sure, but we NEVER forget that the end measuring stick for what we create is one thing and one thing only...


Bottom line… We’ve helped sell MORE products than any other group in the game. That is a fact.

If there’s a single phrase we hear more than just about anything else from our clients about the feedback they get from our work it’s, “HOLY SHIT! Who did your videos?”

We like that because we’ve taken the concept of the Direct Marketing infomercial model and combined it with the sensibilities of more mainstream, Brand Marketing style aesthetic. The result has been the exponential multiplication of our clients’ bottom line numbers across the board.

The videos are what we’ve become known for, because they’re front and center, but we do so much more that explains why we’ve been behind more of the top grossing launches than just about anyone else...

Launches from the ground up

One reason that so much of Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing is quite frequently unattractive, has simply arisen from the fact that some designers can lean toward... well...


Take a look at some of the testimonials from top clients and revenue generating machines like Dean Graziosi, Mike Koenigs, and Brendon Burchard to see how they feel about working with the LaunchMen. Not only do we help you make more while doing less...

There’s not a “Design Snob” in the house...

We're more like "RESULTS Snobs"!

What people say

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Ali Brown - The Entrepreneur Mentor

Working with the LaunchMen will not only change what you produce. It'll change the way you think about your business...I highly recommend that you meet with them!

Ali Brown - The Entrepreneur Mentor

Our Serives

If it’s related to building a successful product launch, we have it covered!

  • Positioning and
  • Launch video
  • Case study
  • Live WebCast
  • Facebook contest

What a lot of people who see the launches we’ve created from the outside don’t realize is, many of the products we help launch have been positioned by LaunchMen.

We have written some of the best email, web, and video script copy around and it has regularly triggered the impulse to buy in the prospects viewing our launches.

More and more, clients are coming to us to simply take their product launches on from Positioning to Live WebCast, and more and more they are realizing how nice it is to just show up and read the scripts and let us handle ALL of the heavy lifting, like Launch video production and Case study management.

I think just about everyone likes to show up and collect checks right?

If you have seen ANY of the major Internet Marketing product launches in the last few years, odds are you’ve seen a few of our videos. And odds are, you probably wondered how to get one made like them so you could have one of those multimillion dollar launches.

Well, YOU CAN!

Just dial 1-900-LaunchMen (Not really) and kick those video thoughts.

Or just send us a your contact info and we’ll let you know how we can apply our video production wizardry skills to YOUR sales and marketing to AMP your revenue stream.

OK, so there’s one real secret to why so many of our launches have done so well for so many of our clients.

Ready? You have to pinky swear first...

Carter “The Case Study King” Graham has managed the single most important thing about doubling or tripling your bottom line revenue…the Case Studies. I mean the social proof you have about how well your product works and the results it gets. NOTHING overcomes objections on the part of a prospect like seeing someone JUST LIKE THEM who’s already gotten solid results with whatever it is that you have to offer. This is what translates into more bottom line revenue for you.

Look, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ve certainly noticed that Live Video and Webcasts is where things are going… or more like where they are. In the Internet Marketing space, the LaunchMen have been the pioneers of the Live WebCast. And when coupled with Case Study Management, a Live WebCast production – that’s hands-off for you -- is the ticket to launch gold!

Colin Wageman is our resident expert in the Live Video production department and if we started listing just a few of the names he’s worked with as far as video, you’d think we were braggin’...

Oh, what the hey… Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Brendon Burchard, Andy “The Video Boss” Jenkins, and the list goes on and on. If you want more money and a launch that will blow the doors off of everyone else, Live WebCasts aren't just a “nice to have” they’re a “must have”.

We’re not content with just reinventing product launches. We’re deeply exploring algorithms that can AUTOMATICALLY build you a clear picture of exactly what Persona Types you should be going after. Along with that we are all about creating the MOST informative reporting, and much more.

We also offer, fully managed Facebook contests that will generate buzz and word-of-mouth, plus give you insight into who’s on your list using the data that Facebook allows you access to, via the Facebook connect system.

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Dean Graziosi - Author and Real Estate Expert

Mars not only has a great creative mind, he knows the difference between being creative and executing. He executed something truly great for my launch!

Dean Graziosi - Author and Real Estate Expert

Launch My Stuff

Find out what we can do to multiply YOUR marketing.

Dear LaunchMen,

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Arielle Ford - Author and Publicist

I’ve worked with some very talented people, but I’ve never met anybody quite like Mars. He is a creative genius. He’s just amazing and I’m so grateful to him!

Arielle Ford - Author and Publicist

Our Launches

Check out just a few of the Launches we had a hand in...

Main st Marketing Machines
LaunchMen handled CREATIVE for both of these launches, Copy to Live WebCast

(NOTE: Andy Jenkins wrote video scripts and email copy, plus scored videos for Main Street 1.0. Big Jason helped with emails and scripting on 2.0)
Rock Bottom
LaunchMen created launch videos for this, created & ran the Facebook contest, and managed the Live WebCast.
Video Boss
LaunchMen created and ran the Facebook contest, and managed the Live WebCast.
Social media Marketing Machines
LaunchMen handled the ENTIRE launch.
DNA game changer
LaunchMen handled the
ENTIRE launch.
These launches total over $31.6 million dollars
in gross revenue.
Anthony Robbins - Peak Performance Specialist

We picked Mars, frankly, because he does things a little differently, so you can expect a few twists and turns that I think will make it interesting for you.

Anthony Robbins - Peak Performance Specialist

What People Say

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what a few of our clients and friends say.

Mike Koenigs - Internet Marketer and Creator of Traffic Geyser

If you want to save time, get the results you want, and work with someone who cares...

You’ve got to meet and talk to Mars!

Mike Koenigs - Internet Marketer and Creator of Traffic Geyser

The LaunchMen

Who builds all of these MULTI-MILLION dollar launches?

The LaunchMen was born from our desire to reinvent Internet Marketing product launches. We wanted to prove that unattractive design is not mandatory for the success of a product launch. We’ve proven that when coupled with good marketing -- a beautiful experience, based on thoughtful design will out-perform unattractive, “noisy for the sake of it” just about every time.

And not just by a little...BY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

Our backgrounds range from major news channels to top 100 ad agencies, from video production to the latest, most effective Social Media campaigns. We’ve worked in graphic design, web development, top-tier consulting firms, and successful startups.

We love simple design, flexible technology, music, and hackie sack. Our combination of skills gives us a unique perspective on in a space that we can impact in a positive way.

The Launchmen